Friday, March 06, 2009

Korg EX-800 Mod, Part 1

Korg EX-800

I'm going to attempt to modify my Korg EX-800. "Atom Smasher" from has a fairly easy looking filter mod known as "The Moog Slayer" for my rackmount Poly-800. It involves removing two trim pots from the board and case mounting them so you can manually control the analog filter. While I'm at it, I'm going to swap the NOISE control trim pot on the board for a case mount pot as well.

He also has a slightly more complicated mod where you jump one of the points on the DCO's IC chip and control the oscillator's cutoff with a knob. I'm not really sure what that means, but if the filter mod goes well, I might try the other one.

I went ahead and removed the trim pots and I've ordered the parts along with a step drill bit to put clean holes in the metal case.

Korg EX-800 Mod: Step 1

VR5 is the resonance, VR2 is the filter cutoff.

Korg EX-800 Mod: Removing Trim Pots

Korg EX-800 Mod: Removing Noise Pot

VR3 is the noise level.

Korg EX-800 Mod: Removed Trim Pots

Trim pots after I de-soldered them from the board.

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