Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"open the oaken container // the history of our hemisphere"

I've had scads of our international fans contacting us this month to ask, "Hey, I heard there was a tornado in the general vicinity of where you guys live, sort of. Are you ok?".
Yes, we're fine.

Totaly unrelated to that, here's a peek at the current state of the new record.
We've tracked drums for everything and are in the arrangement tweaking and bass part demo stages.

Here's a list of song titles in absolutely no particular order whatsoever:

Barren Wastes
Behold the Darkness
Clock & Key
Cogs & Gears
Default to Static
Iron Yokes
John Farson
New Machines
Oligarch's Sceptre
Scythe & Sickle
Slave Graves
Village of Disease
We Want Your Blood

After the release, we'll have photocopies of handwritten lyric and chord sheets available digitally and via postal mail if you live somewhere without the internet.
The album will also be available on cassette, as long as you're ok with me recording over Boston and Striesand dubs I bought at the flea market.

This vast and sweeping landscape of our crushing cultural hopelessness will be available for download before the holiday season.
Or whenever Daniel and I get done with it.

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