Sunday, January 27, 2013

MMDS 2013 Schedule and Announcements

Hey scumbags. After a couple of years off Daniel and I have a concrete schedule for our 2013 album, tentatively titled "If Everything is Meaningful, Nothing is Important" or "Everything's Important; Nothing Matters.".
It's 13 new lo-fi indie rock home recorded songs about (what else) how we're all doomed.

We're also re-releasing newly remastered versions of our first 3 albums to mark the 10th anniversary of "Ignore Your Problems and They'll Go Away".
It will be a 4 disc boxed set including rarities and unreleased material.
I use the term "disc" loosely, obviously. It will be available for free with new printable artwork here and on bandcamp.

Please enjoy this picture of me and Daniel from about 12 years ago while we were working on "Ignore..." - I hope he finds it as embarrassing as I do. He had really big hair for a while there.

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