Friday, December 19, 2008

No, the little door comes down, then you put the tape in.

HAHAHAHAHAHA! Tascam 202MKIII at Value World in Garland for $24.24 - this is my best thrift store find since Meg picked up that Martin last year. This was a $400 dollar deck new, and this little beauty works perfectly. It was dirty and that's all. And by dirty, I mean it physically had dirt all over it. Weird. As I was walking away to check to see if the deck worked I spied a... wait for it... original 1/2 rackspace Alesis Midiverb for $1.91! Not the crappy midiverb II, but the first generation lawsuit model. Looks like they go for about $60 on ebay, so I'll probably sell it after I play around with it for a while.

^^UPDATE^^ Uh, so it seems that all 80's Alesis products use a 9 volt AC current? Weird. I have no intention of buying that crazy adapter, so I suppose the MIDIverb wasn't as sweet as I thought. Oh well.