Friday, July 27, 2007

4-Tracker/Attacker will be out 8*15*07

In keeping with our schedule of releasing a new album every two years, our new joint "4-Tracker/Attacker" will "drop" on my birthday August 15th. I've mentioned before that it's sort of a solo album by me, but that shit doesn't matter. In reality it's just an MMDS record that Daniel doesn't happen to play on.

If you haven't noticed, he's quite busy with Steeples at the moment.

This album is all 4-track, all the time. It's lo-fi like a mother fucker and I'm almost done. One more level of mixdown and it's all yours my pretties. I'll be releasing it on the VIRB and via bittorrent, so 1337s and n00bs alike will be able to download and listen.