Monday, July 20, 2009

Now we are unstoppable.

Two Hand Tapping - Two Peavey Mystics

The Ft. Worth Guitar Show once again delivers! Our friend Rod told me about this blue Mystic he had at the Dallas show back in May, so he brought it with him. It's not in quite as good shape as my red-orange Mystic, but it was only $150. I now need to purchase white, silver and metallic red Mystics for my collection to be complete. I've also got a line on a white Peavey Mantis. Then I need a Razer and then it's on to one of every American Peavey manufactured before 1986. Let me know if you've got something you want to sell me.

Two Peavey Mystics

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Circuit Bent Walkman/Drum Machine/Tape Sampler

Circuit Bent Walkman w/speed control

I've had this broken old walkman (or portable cassette player) lying around for ages (I paid $1 for it at an estate sale two years ago). I've added three pots for varying levels of speed control. The one on the left is the master speed, the top left is double speed and fine adjust and the top right is 1/2 speed and fine adjust. See that grey wire running across the middle? That's an awesome bass boost I added. This hits so hard now, you wouldn't believe it.

The Big Idea here is as follows: you take a cassette tape with a length of drum sample on it. You then press play on the deck and adjust the speed to the desired tempo. If you're super cool, you'll turn the speed of your drum machine all the way, then cut the the speed by half. What happens? Oh no! Your casio is now rattling the dinner plates.

Circuit Bent Walkman - board closeup

Circuit Bent Walkman - side view