Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Korg EX-800 Mod, Part 2

EX800 Moog Slayer Mod - Finished

After seven years of talking about it, I finally modified something. I went ahead and did the Moog Slayer mod (cutoff and resonance knobs for the filter), the FM mod for DCO1 and the noise control knob. Here are some pictures of the process.

EX800 Grounded Pot Assembly - Step 1
I drilled the case out, installed the knobs and grounded them together.

EX800 Pot Assembly - Step 2
Here I've attached the leads to the pots.
Top Left is Resonance, Bottom Left is Cutoff, Top Right is Oscillator, Bottom Right is Noise.

EX800 Pot Assembly - Step 3
Larger view of compete front panel assembly.
The pots with marker on them are the pots I added. The middle three are original.

EX800 - Liquid Electrical Tape
Instead of using heat shrink I bought some Liquid Electrical Tape.

EX800 Liquid Electrical Tape Drip
It works really well, but it smells awful and it's super drippy.
It took two coats to get really covered.

EX800 mod finished pot replacement
Internal board with mods wired in. I chose not to replace the resistors on
the board because I didn't want to ruin it.

EX800 Grounded and Reassembled
Finally, I grounded the whole whole thing. The red wire on the right
has a resistor covered in liquid tape running to the cutoff pot.

The big question is, "How does it sound?" It sounds amazing.

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