Sunday, January 27, 2013

MMDS 2013 Schedule and Announcements

Hey scumbags. After a couple of years off Daniel and I have a concrete schedule for our 2013 album, tentatively titled "If Everything is Meaningful, Nothing is Important" or "Everything's Important; Nothing Matters.".
It's 13 new lo-fi indie rock home recorded songs about (what else) how we're all doomed.

We're also re-releasing newly remastered versions of our first 3 albums to mark the 10th anniversary of "Ignore Your Problems and They'll Go Away".
It will be a 4 disc boxed set including rarities and unreleased material.
I use the term "disc" loosely, obviously. It will be available for free with new printable artwork here and on bandcamp.

Please enjoy this picture of me and Daniel from about 12 years ago while we were working on "Ignore..." - I hope he finds it as embarrassing as I do. He had really big hair for a while there.

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Will S. said...

Are you going to put that ZZ Top cover EP onto Bandcamp?

Mason said...

Hey Will. Yes, I'll do it this weekend. Keep it quiet but I'm working on a lo-fi follow up called "CryinAmazinCrazy/AmazinCrazyCryin". I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

Will S. said...

Do you happen to have audio or video from that solo show that I shot at the Medicine Hall? You had that song about recording an episode of Nightline and I can't remember if you had ever made another recording of that one.

Mason said...

No, I actually don't have that show you shot. I'd love to include some of it on the rarities disc on the boxed set though. I don't think you ever gave it to me.

The song you're thinking of is "April 4, 1982", and was originally a Harper Valley Hypocrites song. HVH was our Alt-Country band that we never relaly followed through on because we couldn't get the production to make sense. There's a demo of it on Choke On It (B-Sides and Outtakes), an EP which can be found in MP3 format here:

I'll be remastering a lot of this stuff too, so there's not currently a FLAC version available.

If you have any old MMDS stuff from the Norman days, shoot it my way. I'm also going to upload that minimalist/tape chopped spoken word EP I digitized in your dorm room. "The Church of Perpetual Motion by Lon Chaney, Master of Disguise". It's god-awful and stupid, but an amusing curiosity nonetheless.

Will S. said...

That video from the Medicine Hall is long gone. I know Daniel had a copy of it for a while and he still may somewhere. It'll be in mp3 format. I still have the Perpetual Motion mp3s along with a handful of other stuff, none of it lossless. Let's continue this conversation via e-mail, burlives [at} gmail.

justin dinger said...

This is exciting! Any progress?