Monday, February 22, 2010

My Joke is Ruining Your Joke - 2009

I'm in the process of uploading everything to SoundCloud so you can listen in online and download in full quality for free.

My Joke is Ruining Your Joke by moonmissiondeathsquad


Jake said...

This is some good shit man...hope you're doing well.

Funny said...

Hey yo, my name's David Meyers. Used to work with you at Convergys, dunno if you remember me or not, but I remember liking some of your tunes when I used to work with you and chatting it up a bit every now and then. Glad to see you have some webspace again (other than MySpace). Hope it's all going peachy for the MMDS.

Mason said...

David! Great to hear from you, dude. I was thinking of you the other day. Email me: