Sunday, April 19, 2009

You know we love drum machines.

So having been a longtime fan of Audio Playground's Virtual Drum Machine Museum, I'm always into checking out new online drum modules. Enter the n00b on the nettubes: Hobnox Audiotool. It's German, it's flash-based, it sounds awesome and it's new favorite timewaster. It features a 909, an 808, a 303 and a ton of effects. It's all point and click, it's easy enough for a kid to use but poweruser enough to keep me interested. It would be an amazing way to teach signal path and effects chains to school children (or adults, most of whom don't seem to understand it).

I'd especially like to try it on a large 32" touchscreen. It will be nice to see how they develop it and what other features they add. I think a lot of users would be willing to pay for extra modules (other drum machines/synths/samplers - i'm thinking MPC) and you can't save your sessions (though you can record and upload your mixes).

I think this is an awesome (and free!) alternative to VST plugins for your average person. It's simple, unpretentious, accessible and it doesn't cost $1000. Check out the Stereo Detune and Bitcrush effects plugins. They're neat.

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