Monday, January 12, 2009

"Get Ready and Roll the Cassette"

Estate Sale. 25¢ each.

(05) Maxell MX 110 - Metal Type IV HIGHEST BIAS EVER
(10) Maxell XLII 100 - Type II High Bias
(08) TDK SA 90 - Type II High Bias
(02) TDK SA-X 90 - Type II High Bias
(02) Maxell UDII CD74 - [it always seemed odd to me that you'd manufacture a tape that was the same length as a CD since that makes each side 37 minutes long. Most cds are about 45-50 minutes long, so it actually makes the most sense to buy 110 minute tapes and put an album on each side. The drawback of course being that 110 minute tapes snap fairly easily.]

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